Adhai Din Ka Jhopra Travel Guide

West of the Dargah Sharif lies the immense Adhai din ka Jhopra (the two-and-a-half-day hut), which is a masterpiece of Indo - Islamic architecture, especially noted for the beauty of its decorations and ornate calligraphic inscriptions. According to the folklore, it was constructed in two and a-half days (Adhai-Din) and was originally a Sanskrit college built in 1155 AD, it was restructured into a mosque by Sultan Mohammed Ghori. The pillars retain Hindu elements but the screens and arches were added in 1266. In the 18th century, fakirs used to assemble here for the use of Panjaba Sahib, which lasted 21/2 days and hence the name.


West of Ajmer Dargah Shareef




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