Dargah of Saint Allauddin Ali Ahmad Sabir Travel Guide

Piran Kaliyar, also known as Kaliyar Sharif – the famous dargah is the resting place of the Sufi saint Alauddin Ali Ahmed Sabir. One of the most important Muslim shrines in the India is popular for its mystical powers the fulfil the desires of the devout. It is a place of great spiritual energy as well religious unity with both Hindu and Muslims being ardent visitors to the dargah. Besides the dargah, there is a small village which too is a nice place to explore and observe the culture and livelihoods of the region. Urs is celebrated at the Dargah in the month of May or June every year with loads of enthusiasm and gaiety.


Piran kaliyar, Roorkee, haridwar, uttarakhand




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