Kalibangan Travel Guide

Kalibangan lies along the left bank of the dried-up bed of river Ghagggar it comprises three mounds. The excavations brought to light the grid layout of a Harappan metropolis, perhaps truly the first city of the Indian cultural heritage. The significant part of the evidence, however relates to the discovery of an early-Harappan settlement, immediately underlying the occupant remains of the Harappan citadel.The pre-Harappan settlement was fortified with a fortification wall of mud-bricks. The houses within the walled area were also made of mud-bricks. The distinctive trait of thes period was the pottery which was significantly different from that of the succeeding Harappans. An outstanding discovery was a ploughed field showing a cross grid of furrows to the south east of the settlement outside the town wall. This is perhaps the earliest ploughed field excavated so far. During the Harappan period, the structural pattern of the settlement was changed. There were now two distinct parts preceding occupations to g






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