Nagaur Travel Guide

According to legend, Nagaur is named after the Naga Rajputs. But its turbulent history swayed between Hindu and Muslim ownership.  The old city houses the Ahhichatragarh Fort, built by Mughal Emperors Akbar and Shah Jahan. A well planned Mughal Garden retains its old pleasant appearance even today. A five domed mosque built by Emperor Akbar dominates the landscape. Located 135 km from Jodhpur, this ancient, heavily fortified desert city is now the headquarters of Nagaur District, an area famous for its fine livestock. Indeed, it is well worth timing your visit to take in the huge cattle fairs in February and August, when there are four days of races and contests for camels, horses and bullocks, with colourful Rajasthani dancing and singing.


nagaur, Jodhpur




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