Talpagiri Sri Ranganatha Swamy Temple

Sri Talpagiri Ranganatha swamy Temple Nellore is found at the banks of Penna river, Nellore, that originates from the Tamil word Nelli, suggests that rice and uru suggests that village to total it as a village of paddy fields.

The Sri Talpagiri Ranganatha swamy Temple Nellore  is believed to be created in 7th century by Pallava rulers. One amongst the variations of Lord Maha Vishnu’s god present up here is seen within the reclining position on his couch Anantha Sesha.

In earlier days and even these days Penna River is extremely unpredictable for its surge in water level. There was a maxim earlier in Telugu “Penna Dhatuthe Perumala Seva” it virtually means “If one will cross penna watercourse then we are able to see of offerings to Perumal (Lord Venkateshwara)). in the year of 1946 (06-12-10946) the river’s water level rose to 25.6 feet, and it’s same that the water touched the feet of Lord Ranganathaswamy’s idol.

The native legend goes this manner that Lord Maha Vishnu beside Sridevi wished to go to Bhoolokha (planet earth) for that he has directed Adi Sheshu (five headed serpent) to become his place of residence on earth, wherever Adi Sheshu turned to a mountain on earth. And also the serpent king “Phani Raju” beside his consort paid his respects to the lord.

The lord pleased with “Phani Raju’s” offerings blessed him that the place would become celebrated as “Talpa Giri” Kshetram (Kshetram suggests that place).

Sage Kashyapa on his pilgrim’s journey to varied sacred places reached this place and performed Poundarika Yaga and on the day of Eka Dasi god manifested before of him and blessed him with kashayapa’s want that God shall shower a similar kindness and blessings to any or all devotees at par with self-manifested sacred places in different components of the country.

In the seventh and eighth centuries B.C., The kings of Simhapuri have commissioned lords god here. Later twelfth century B.C., king Raja Mahendra Varma Raja Raja Narendra created some enhancements like building the lords sanctum sanctorum at the premises.

Over the amount the Sri Talpagiri Ranganatha swamy Temple Nellore was given a replacement means from the rear aspect of the earlier existed temple door, primarily for approachable reasons and currently there’s a road that connects to the temple to the new temple door.

The Sri Talpagiri Ranganatha swamy Temple gopuram (Temple Tower) of the temple is kind of tall and is seven storied and done well with art work that influences age previous southern architectural brilliancy.

On the gopuram (Temple tower) square measure pictures of Sages, Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwara and sculptures of recreation females and completely different postures of goddesses. The Sri Talpagiri Ranganatha swamy Temple Nellore  doors square measure terribly immense in size and additionally the within of the walls show exemplary stone sculpting work administrated in those times.


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