Undavalli Caves

Undravalli caves are the beautifully built caves where you can see enormous art work of ancient times it has lots of idols, sculptures and murals that are carved with hands and ancient tools without using any machines.The Undravalli caves are incorporated to Vishnukundina kings.Earlier the buddhist monks come here to worship buddha but later these caves were acquired by hindus and now there you can find the scriptures and paintings that belongs to hindu religion.

Basically the caves are devoted to Narisimha Swamy temples and Anantapadmanabha Swamy. In these caves you will see the mindblowing sculptrures of tridevs that is Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva since they have prime importance in hindu religion and are considered as creator and the destructor of the world.

The paintings and the sculpturous are the major source of attraction of this cave.The cave is four storied and each floor has its own significance, on the first floor you can see the large square shape columns, and the painting depicting the mythological stories on the second floor there is a huge sculpture of Lord vishnu in Padmanabha posture with the Adi-Shesha over his head, the buddhist monastery, and various paintings of ancient history.

The sculptures made in these caves are carved on a granite stone.On the third floor you can see various paintings and idols of god and goddess along with the lion and elephants.

On the fourth floor you can see the different shlokas written on the wall and from there you can see the view of the mountains and rivers that flows across these caves.Outside the temple there is a beautiful garden where people come for picnic and enjoy sitting and playing in the garden.

These caves are also located at the hills and you can see a rich variety of flora around the caves.It is also a good place for nature lovers although it is not well maintained but people still visit this place to admire the carving done by the craftsman.


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