Warangal Fort

Warangal that is most visiting is the Warangal Fort. Built on a hillock Ekashila in 13th century, this fort is one of the architectural masterpieces of Kakatiya Dynasty. Constructed by King Ganapatideva and later by his daughter Rani Rudrama, Warangal Fort is symbolic of the historical opulence of the region during the reign of Kakatiya Kingdom.

Located in south eastern side of Warangal city, it is a prominent landmark of the Telangana State, presenting a perfect example of architectural excellence and historical richness.

Built in three layers of fortification ensuring absolute safety, Warangal Fort impresses every visitor with its imposing structure. Although now in ruins, the remains of the fort still present a glimpse of the mesmerizing craftsmanship and breathtaking artistry that can be seen in the motifs, sculptures, stone work, etc.

Warangal fort has witnessed many battles; a few of its parts have been destroyed by various invaders too.

A visit to Warangal fort is sure to leave you fascinated with the gracefulness of its architecture and brilliance that is ruins display now. The remains of the fort have been recognized as monument of national importance by the Archaeological survey of India.

The construction of Warangal Fort was started by the Kakatiya King Ganapati Deva during the 13th century. The history of Warangal fort is symbolic of the history of the Kakatiya rule to an extent.

It was built as King Ganapatideva has shifted the capital of the Kakatiya kingdom to Warangal from Hanamkonda. This fort stands 12 km away from the Hanamkonda.

Later his daughter Rani Rudrama, who also headed over the Kakatiya reign after her father, looked after the completion of this fort. Later King Prataparudra II who was also known as Rudradeva II, the last ruler of Kakatiya Kingdom, also made considerable addition to the Warangal Fort.

This fort withstood many attacks, which led to destruction of its various parts. In 1309, Malik Kafur who was the general of Alauddin Khilji had launched an attack on the fort during the rule of Prataparudra II.

An army consisting of around 1000,000 men attacked the fort in a battle that lasted for many months. The fort was then defended by the King Prataparudra II and his army. Later, many a times, Warangal fort was attacked by the Sultans of Delhi as well.

Eventually this Qutub Shahi Dynasty took the control of this fort, later it was under the rule of Hyderabad Nizams.


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