Aizawl Travel and Tourism Guide

Mizo people are believed to have come from China and settled here around 300 years ago. The village of Aizawl was marked as an outpost by the British officials in 1871-1872 due to the recalcitrant behaviour of the then Mizo chief, Khalkom. Almost 95% of the entire population was forcibly converted to Christianity when British missionaries started settling there and preaching the religion. Tribes that followed Buddhism and other religions that did not opt to follow Christianity were driven out of the state. Aizawl was still only a large village up until the year 1996, and it was during this time that a consolidation of various Mizo villages sprouted up. This was due to an uprising (March 1996, Mizo National Front Uprising) that took place when Mizos aimed to establish Mizoram as a sovereign state. Today, Aizawl is home to almost 25% of the entire state's population.

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