Balasore Travel and Tourism Guide

Balasore region was part of the ancient Kalinga kingdom which later became a territory of Toshala or Utkal, until the death of Raja Mukunda Dev. It was annexed by the Mughals in 1568 and remained as a part of their suzerainty until 1750-51. Then it came under the dominion of the Maratha Rajas of Nagpur. The East India Company ceded this part through a treaty called treaty of Deogaon in 1803 and it became a part of the Bengal Presidency up to 1912. The interesting part being that the first English Settlement came into existence in Balasore region in 1634 while Sahajahan, was the Mughal emperor at Delhi. The first of English factories was established in this region in 1640. It was during this period that the Danish settlements were also founded in this region. Balasore got its entity as a separate district in October 1828 while it was with the Bengal Presidency. With the creation of the province of Bihar, Orissa merged along with Balasore district into Bihar. But subsequently with the creation of Orissa as a separate State on 1st April, 1936 Balasore city became an integral part of the State of Orissa (Odisha). Along with its own history the streets of Balasore too have a fascinating history behind their names.

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