Bankura Travel and Tourism Guide

The district of Bankura is located in the western part of West Bengal. It lies to the north of the river Dhaleswari. Bankura has a lot of importance since it is one of the major agricultural and industrial centers of West Bengal. It is one of the major railway junctions and the soil in the area is really fertile and hence various types of crops are grown there right from rice, wheat and maize to sugarcane. Some of the flourishing industries of Bankura are metalware, cotton industry and milling industry.

Bankura has gained much popularity among the tourists hailing from different places in India. The place has a rich cultural and traditional heritage. It is famous for its paintings, music and other forms of arts. It has gained lot of popularity among the tourists from all over India due to the beautiful locations and some historical destinations. The place has contributed great deal towards modern Bengal art and architecture. You can see the beautiful terracotta art and architecture in Bankura.

The other places to watch are Susunia hills and Beharinath hill. Jairambati and Bishnupur temples can also be visited from Bankura. Durgapur barrage, Koropahar are also near Bankura which offer excellent tourists sites. To the south of Bankura there are places like Mukutmanipur, Sutan, Jhilimili, ECO Park at Taldanga, Panchmura. Susunia hill is a famous trekking spot which the trekkers from all over India visit.


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