Banswara Travel and Tourism Guide

Legend has it that the city was named after a popular Bhil ruler Bansia, who was later defeated by Jagmal Singh, who became the first Maharaja of the area. However, many people believe that the place derives its name from the numerous bamboos or baans that grows here. Banswara is also known as little Kashi or Chhoti Kashi due to the presence of the twelve and half Swayambhu (self- manifested) Shivlings. Banswara is also known for its untouched tribal or Vagdi culture. The district of Banswara is surrounded by Udaipur, Dungarpur, Chittaurgarh, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh. Nestled in one of the many basins of the Aravallis and forming the eastern part of the region it is rich fauna and flora. Kushalgarh, along with Banswara, were merged into Greater Rajasthan in 1949, which resulted in Banswara being regarded as a separate district.

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