Bithoor Tourism and Travel Guide

Bithoor - The Place Where Ramayana Was Born

History of Bithoor -

Bithoor is a well-known tourism place in Uttar Pradesh and every year tourists from many parts of India gather here. In mythology, it is well known as the birthplace of Luv and Kush, sons of Sri Ram. Bithoor has been very closely associated with the freedom movement, in particular, the Sepoy Mutiny of 1857. It was at one time the home of Rani of Jhansi, Lakshmi Bai. Further back in history it is the place to which the last Peshwa, Baji Rao II was banished. His adopted son Nana Sahib made this town his headquarters during the mutiny. 

Location of Bithoor -

It is located in Kanpur district and is 23 km north of the city of Kanpur. This lovely city lies on The Kannauj Road by the side of the River Ganges. It covers an area of half square k and has a population of 9600.

Fairs and Festivals in Bithoor -

Bithoor is well known for several fairs and festivals the chief among which are large celebrations during Makar Sankranti Mela and Bithoor Mahotsav. 

Culture of Bithoor -

The Bithoor city is divided into ten wards. According to 2001census, the town has a population made of about 89% Hindus. Most of the people of Bithoor are from Uttar Pradesh, but there are many Marathis since the last Peshwa lived here. 

Tourist Attractions in Bithoor -

There are many places of interest in Bithoor.

  1. Valmiki Ashram – It has a very significant place in Hindu religion. It is where the Ramayana was written and where Luv and Kush were born.
  2. Brahmavart Ghat – It is the most sacred of Bithoor’s ghats. It is said that Lord Brahma had erected a Shiva Linga here which is still worshipped as Brahmeshwar Mahadeva. There is a nail from a horseshoe in the steps of the ghat which is said to be from Brahma’s horse. Bithoor is also the place from where Lord Brahma started mankind.
  3. Dhruv Teela – This is said to be the place where Dhruv meditated on one leg. Dhruv was the son of king Uttanpad. Brahma was so pleased with Dhruv’s prayer that he granted him a boon to shine for all time to come. Thus was born the Dhruv Star (Pole Star).

There are also other notable sites such as Haridham Ashram, Luv Kush Temple and Guru Nanak Memorial.

How To Reach Bithoor -

  • By Air - The nearest airport is Chaudhuri Charan Singh Airport in Lucknow about 128 km away.
  • By Train - Local trains pass through Kalyanpur near Bithoor. The nearest large railway station is at Kanpur.
  • By Road - It is about half an hour drive from Kanpur by hire cab. There are also buses and auto-rickshaws.

Best Time To Visit Bithoor -

The best season to visit Bithoor is between October and March at time of Bithoor Mahotsav and Makar Sankranti.

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