Canacona Travel and Tourism Guide

The Beautiful City of GOA, Canacona

Canacona is a marvellous city situated in southern Goa, India. Canacona or Kankon Taluka, as it is also called, is made of small areas, namely, Patnem, Chaudi, Poinguinim, Agonda, etc. With a total population of 12,434, it is a major tourist spot in Goa.

Tourism in Canacona

Canacona is one of the major cities in Goa and is famous for its beaches and beautiful sceneries. It is a conglomeration of various cultures and it is safe to say, the city is surely a major spot for travelers, both Indians and Foreigners.

History of Canacona

The city of Canacona was incorporated in Goa in 1794 after it was awarded to the Portuguese in 1791 by the king of Soonda. Canacona is famous for its rich Indo-Portuguese culture, but it has a Hindu feel to it.

Location of Canacona

Canacona is surrounded by Quepem in the north, Sanguem in the northeast, state of Karnataka in the south and the Arabian Sea in the west. The town of Chaudi is a major town in this district.

Cuisine in Canacona

Canacona is famous for its variety of dishes ranging from Goan to German food as it is the hub of many foreigners visiting from all around the world. The Palolem Beach houses various restaurants serving Israeli Dishes, German Baked Food, Goan, Italian and Indian Cuisine.

Fairs and Festivals  in Canacona

Canacona is a major city for many festivals. The major ones are Shisharani, Zatra, Sonteros, Veeramel, Avatar Purush, etc.

  • Shisharani is celebrated every alternative year, which involves the ritual of cooking rice in earthenware and kept on the heads of three men, which are covered with a wet cloth and plantain trunk.
  • Zatra is celebrated in the Shantadurga temple and in the morning the idol is taken out on a stroll in a chariot for 3 hours to the nearest beach and there the idol is given a special bath and then taken back to the temple.
  •  Sonteros is a festival which urges the mixture of Hindu and Christian cultures held in Shantadurga Temple.

Best Time to Visit Canacona

Canacona has beautiful weather all round the year. But its beauty reaches its peak during the months of October- February when it is neither too hot not too cold. Tourists flock to Canacona during this time.

Tourist Attractions Near Canacona

Canacona is a must stay for tourists as it full of various attractions. The most famous one is the Palolem Beach which is in a white sandy beach west of Chaudi, Patnem beach which is famous for its various restaurants, The Mallikaarjun Temple, which houses an avatar of Lord Shiva, Shri Navdurga Temple situated in Poinguinim, Fresh Water Springs at Puroner and Gogel and the Cotigo Wildlife Sanctuary situated near Panaji. With all of the various attractions, mouth watering cuisine, joyous festivals and scenic beauty, Canacona should be on top of your list of places to visit in Goa.


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