Chitrakoot Tourism and Travel Guide

Chitrakoot- The sacred city of Lord Rama

Chitrakoot is a holy town amidst the bank of Mandakini River in the Madhya Pradesh region. It upholds the holy place of sacredness and purification to give spiritual enlightenment upon the pilgrims. It is acknowledged that great saints, sages, hermits, legends have visited this place to achieve complete peace and divinity. However, this scared city has attracted a great crowd every year to calm the soul and mind of the visitors.

History of Chitrakoot-

As indicated by the extraordinary epic Ramayana, God Rama remained here with his associate Sita and his youthful sibling Lakshman for a long time out of the 14 years of his outcast. A portion of the well-known sages like Dattatreya, Sarbhanga, Markandeya, Atri and numerous different saints, explorers and rationalists have completed tapasya here. The remarkable ancient artist Kalidas has portrayed this sacred place in his epic Raghuvanshi. Not just these, few other Sanskrit and Hindi authors have paid tribute to this sacred town.

Location of Chitrakoot -

Chitrakoot the sacred town situated in the north Vindhyan district. It is also situated in the district range of Chitrakoot in Uttar Pradesh and Satna in Madhya Pradesh.

Fair and Festivals: Fairs and Festivals are frequently connected with the sacred city of Lord Rama. This holy place indulges in various festivities such as Diwali, Ramanavami, Dusshera, Ramayana Fair, and also Navaratri.

Culture of Chitrakoot -

Chitrakoot indulges in a diverse culture where all kind of festivity, events, and cultural exhibition is held every year to attract a huge number of visitors. The city is immensely rich in culture, art, and habitat with surreal tradition.

Cuisines of Chitrakoot -

Being a religious and spiritual place, Chitrakoot indulges in all sorts of vegetarian food. They have also good quality of sweets which comes in a different variation, size, and color.

Tourist Attractions in Chitrakoot -

Among the mainstream locales of Chitrakoot, Hanuman Dhara is situated at a separation of 2 miles from Ramghat in the heavenly background of lush mountains. Amid the thick backwoods lies Sati Anusuya Temple where one can savor the twittering of the timberland feathered creatures. Around 4 miles from Chitrakoot, Ganesh Bagh is one of the profoundly visited gardens here. Routed to Lord Rama, Kamtaji Temple is put in the delightful setting of a lush mountain by the name of Kamadgiri. One of the picturesque milestones in Chitrakoot, Sphatik Shila is where Lord Rama and Goddess Sita respected the loveliness of this place.

How to Reach Chitrakoot -

This place is commonly accessed through the nearest airway Khajuraho which is a distance of about 185 Km from Chitrakoot. The main city of Chitrakoot is also well connected by railway tracks. In addition to this, you can easily drive through the excellent road service with bus facility as well.

Best Time To Visit Chitrakoot -

The best time to visit this holy shrine is between July to March.

The ‘Hill of many wonderers’ Chitrakoot truly justifies the holiness of Lord Rama along with his wife Sita and brother Laxman. A religious tourist place which depicts high admiration and sanity among the visitors.

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