Churu Travel and Tourism Guide

The city of Churu was founded in 1620 by a Jat chieftain Churu. It was part of Jangaldesh prior to annexation by Rathores - Churu was ruled by Thakur Maldeo, the grandson of Rao Kandhal or Rawat Kandhal and uncle of Rao Bika, the Rathore Rajputs of Bikaner. In the 18th century Churu fell on the caravan route and ensured that the trading classes of the town were well off in their respective businesses. The Poddars were the most important traders of those times dealing mainly in woollens, especially Kashmir shawls. The Thakur (the local ruler) of Churu, Sheo Singh, imposed a heavy wool tax on the Poddars which compelled them to move to Sikar. The Rao of Sikar, Devi Singh, gladly welcomed them to a place 15km south of Churu where the Poddars established the town of Ramgarh. The famous temple of Salasar Balaji is situated in the Churu district. The region boasts record temperatures ranging from below freezing point in the winters to over 50 degrees I the summer afternoons. Before dawn in the months of December or January, one may not be surprised to notice ice in small water pots or frozen water dews on the little vegetation.

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