Dibrugarh Travel and Tourism Guide

Britishers came to Assam in 1826, after the Yandanboo accord and chose Dibrugarh as their administrative and commercial centre in this region. The Britishers built a fort on the banks of river Dibaru, and this is the reason why it is called Dibru-garh. Many historians believe that the word Dibrugarh is derived from Dibarumukh, which was a famous encampment of Ahoms, during the Ahom-Sutiya War. Others believe that the name came from the words Dibru which translate to mean ‘blister’ in Dimasa, and garh which means a ‘fort’. The Britishers made Dibrugarh an activity hub in the northeastern India. Later in 1842, Dibrugarh was declared the headquarter of the Lakhimpur District. Dibrugarh was the principal military base that served as a transit camp for the evacuees from Burma. Dibrugarh sub-division turned into a full-fledged district in 1971. Later in 1989, the Tinsukia subdivision was carved out of Dibrugarh district and was made a separate district. Today, Dibrugarh is the district headquarter of the independent district of Dibrugarh in Assam.

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