Firozabad Tourism and Travel Guide

Firozabad - The Colorful City Of Bangles

History of Firozabad -

Firozabad received its name during the reign of Akbar. It is named after his Mansab Dar Firoz Shah. After his death, it was known as Firozabad. Originally a part of Etawah it became a part of Aligarh in the 19th century. It was at that time famous for the trade of lac. The people of Firozabad took part in the Indian freedom struggle.

Location of Firozabad-

It is a city in the state of Uttar Pradesh and also known as City of Glass or Suhag Nagari. It is situated on banks of Yamuna about 45 km east of Agra.

Fairs and Festivals in Firozabad -

Firozabad has a very rich culture. The people of Firozabad celebrate many different festivals throughout the year. This includes Ram Navami, Dussehra and Karva Chauth. During the Karva Chauth women fast through the day and pray for their husband. They end the fast by looking at the moon through a sieve and then their husband.  

Culture of Firozabad -

Firozabad has a population of 600,000. Most of the inhabitants Firozabad are very poor. The main market is Shastri Market. The other well-known market is Raniwala market. From ancient times the city is known for making glass bangles. There are several markets which sell colourful glass bangles or churi as they are known. Churi Baazar is the most impressive of these markets.

Cuisines of Firozabad-

Firozabad is well known for delicious Uttar Pradesh traditional cuisine, especially from Agra. This ranges from tandoor chicken and kebabs to kachoris with a spicy filling of moong dal. Petha is also a must have and made from white pumpkin and decorated with nuts and seeds.

Tourist Attractions in Firozabad -

There are many tourist attractions in Firozabad.

  1. Mata Teela Temple – It is an ancient temple devoted to the goddess in Parham panchayat near Firozabad.
  2. Shri Hanuman Temple – This temple was originally a monastery established by Shri Bajirao Peshwa II at time of Maratha rule. Here one can find the footprint of Mahatma Vava Prayagadas. 
  3. Kotla Fort – The famous fort is located about 12 km from Firozabad. It has a ditch measuring 20 feet deep and 14 feet wide. There is 40 feet high wall around the fort. The ruins are very impressive.
  4. Other important tourism sites are Baba Neem Karori birthplace and Firozshah Tomb.

How to Reach Firozabad -

  • By Air –, Agra airport is 45 km away from Firozabad.
  • By Train – The closest railways station is Shikohabad Junction which is about 17 km away. It lies on the Delhi – Howrah route.
  • By Road – Firozabad is located 16 km from Shikohabad bus station.

Best Time To Visit Firozabad -

The best time to visit Firozabad is between November and March. At this time the weather is very pleasant. It is also the peak tourism season in nearby Agra. However one has to be aware of the pollution during winter.

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