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Imphal is steeped in rich history, as the city was founded way back in the 1st century AD. King Khaba ruled the city and the region but was defeated by the Pakhangba. The Ningthouja tribe grew in power and held control over a large section of Manipur. Around 900 AD, Burma invaded Manipur, but a treaty deal was struck by Raja Jai Singh resulting in Manipur becoming a part of the Indian state. The Anglo-Manipur War in 1891, between the Manipur Kingdom and British Raj, resulted in damage to the Kangla Palace, but the English wrested control over the region and remained the same till the Independence of India. The Battle of Imphal played a crucial part in the victory of the Allies in south-east Asia during World War II. The Japanese planned for an invasion of India through Burma but were thwarted because of lack of planning and bad strategic decisions. The Battle of Imphal and Kohima proved to be one of the biggest defeats in Japan's history. Manipur became a state in 1972 and Imphal was named its capital.

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