Jamnagar Travel and Tourism Guide

The History of Jamnagar dates back to the time when Jam Rawal laid the foundations of the city of Jamnagar in the year 1535. Located in the northern fringes of the coast of Kathiwar, the establishment of the city of Jamnagar is accompanied by in the History of Jamnagar by a number of stories. These include a mythological interpretation of the origin of Jamnagar which states that the earliest conquerors of the city were Shri Krishna, who was also known as Ranchhodji in this part of the world at that time. In order to add a testimonial to this fact a temple was also built in the honor of Shri Krishna by his great grandson Vajarnabh.
The kingdom of Jamnagar was conquered by Humayun of Gujarat, after which the entirety of the city was fortified and her defenses were made even stronger. The city of Jamnagar soon began to develop as one of the most influential princely states of India, enriching the History of Jamnagar to a large extent.

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