Mapusa Travel and Tourism Guide

Mapusa is located in North of Goa famous for its commercial hub coming from all over Goa to see their products. It is a small town around Mount Alto.

History of Mapusa

Did you know the name Mapusa has been derived from the Konkani word ‘measure’ - ‘Map’ and the phrase fill up with ‘Sa’? Mapusa much before the invasion of Aryans, Sultans, Portuguese and the Marathas had well organized farming community known as Gaunkari. Major event in Mapusa is market day where Mapusa acts as a central location coming from all over the districts of Goa to sell their goods.

Economy of Mapusa

Mapusa market is most lively on Friday’s and is also known as Friday Market. Other days it is mostly held for local population. It is a must go on the list of things to do in Goa as you would find varieties of goods. It is best for those who likes to go on shopping spree. Varieties ranging from all kind of fresh vegetables to earthenware to fancy imitations, souvenirs and varieties of clothes.

There is also a fish street, where varieties of dried fish, fresh fish from baby shark to mackerel are even sold in this market.

The market is known for fresh spices, sausages, Goan home-made Chourico, goanese sweets like doodle and chana doce, wines and many more.

Best Time To Visit Mapusa

Mapusa is a commercial town for the locals but on Friday it October to April is the best time to visit Mapusa. December to January is the peak season as it’s the festive time

Places of attractions in Mapusa

  1. Shrine of Shree Dev Bodgeshwar Sansthan: Its annual Jatra draws thousands of devotees
  2. Church of Our Lady of Milagres: Also known as St. Jerome’s, this church truly depicts coexistence of all humans are same irrespective of caste and religion. After Easter on the 16th day Hindus and Christians celebrate it together as the church was built on the site of a Hindu temple which the community till date considers it sacred
  3. Maruti temple where silver idol of Hanuman stands tall was destroyed by the Portuguese was rebuilt in the year 1843 by the business community of Mapusa
  4. Sri Kalika Temple: It is situated little outskirts of Mapusa. The main goddess is Maa Kali worshipped as Mahamaya. The unique look which makes it an attraction is the copper pot topped at the dome of the temple.

Festivities And Celebrations In Mapusa

Carnival is organized in February to early march. It is the most fun time in Goa and you would see most of the tourist crowd at this time of the year. Parades, Peagents, music and dance are held in full swing.

Travelling In And Around Mapusa

There are buses, taxis and auto rickshaws available to move around but there are hired motorcycles also available.


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