Margao Travel and Tourism Guide

All You Need To Know About Margao, Goa

India is a land of diversity and the varied geographical features provide you with an amazing array of opportunity for tourism. One such great destination for tourists is certainly Goa.

The State Of Goa And Tourism

The state of Goa thrives upon tourism. Throughout the year, tourists keep on thronging the lovely beaches of the states. The foreign tourists, particularly the European tourists visit the state during the winters while the Indian tourists visit the state of Goa during the summer season as well as the monsoon season.

The state of Goa offers a vastly different culture as the culture is influenced by the Portuguese influence coupled with the Latin influence. The tourist activities are mostly concentrated in the coastal areas. The main places of attraction are Margao, Marmugao and the state capital Panaji.

History Of Margao

Margao, originally known as Madugao in Konkani language and Madgao in Marathi, is in reality a Portuguese spelling. The place gets its name from the Sanskrit word Mathagram meaning the villages of ‘matha’ or monastery of the Nath mendicants.

Before the advent of the Portuguese, Margao was an important settlement based around the ancient temple of Damodar or Shiva. With the coming of the Portuguese, the deity of Shiva was shifted to the other side of the Zuari River and the temple tank was filled up to create the church ground for the Holy Spirit Church.

The present settlement of Margao has flourished in and around this Holy Spirit Church.

Geographical Location Of Margao

Situated on the banks of the Sal River, the latitudinal and longitudinal extent of Margao is 15016’25” N and 73057’29”E. Margao is approximately 33 km from the state capital Panaji and 27 km from the port town of Vasco da Gama.

Fairs And Festivals In Margao

Due to the fact that Margao is a tourist attraction and the cultural capital of Goa, the place assumes festive attire throughout the year. The main festival is Christmas and New Year which is celebrated with much pomp and show.

Best Time To Visit Margao

Margao can be visited any time throughout the year. However, European tourists prefer to visit the place in the winter season while the Indians prefer to visit during the summer and the monsoon seasons.

Tourist Attractions In Margao

Margao offers a great many tourists attractions which include the ‘Closed’ market, the municipal building, the municipal garden; natural springs called Anna Fonte, Old Market, the Holy Spirit Church, grand mansions from the colonial era, the chapel atop Monte hill.

There are a number of churches and temples in Margao. The important churches are the Grace Church, the Sebastian Church and the Holy Spirit Church. There are also a number of temples in Margao and the most important one being the original Shiva temple near Nehru Stadiuam.

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