Panna Travel and Tourism Guide

Panna is located in the north-eastern part of Madhya Pradesh with the headquarters at Panna town. It forms the northern district of Sagar division".Originally a Gond settlement up to the 13th century,

Panna was made the capital by Raja Chhatrasal Bundela. Panna was a part of the new Indian state of Vindhya Pradesh which was merged into Madhya Pradesh on 1st November 1956.

The city of Panna, with its ancient royal past, is situated in the indian state of  madhya pradesh . Even though Panna, the only diamond city on the Indian subcontinent, is today a vibrant city, it has maintained its charming sense of tranquility. Here visitors will be greeted with long, rolling green meadows, forests and hills, wildlife sanctuaries and fine ancient temples. To this day,

Panna remains the most sacred pilgrimage for members of the Pranami sect spread all over the world. Submerged in royal history, this ancient holy land can truly be described as a gem of India. As with so many other destinations on this vast subcontinent, visitors should allow themselves enough time to take in the many attractions of history and culture.


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