Patan Travel and Tourism Guide

The History of the Patan can be distinctly traced from the end of the 7th Century onwards. At earlier Patan was known as The Anhilwad Patan. Colonel Tode said about Anhilwad Patan that its radius was 12 kaus i.e. 36 miles. It had 84 choks & 84 Chautas & Mints for gold and silvers coins.
Vanraj Chavda founded it in 746 A.D. he put foundation stone of Anhilwad Patan on Saturday, Ashadh sud 3rd, of Vikram Savant 802 on the bank of the pious river Saraswati in memory of his friend Anhil Bharwad, at Anawada village, 993 V.S. Solanki dynasty ruled Patan for 302 years. It was a golden period of Gujarat. During the Solanki era Patan and nearby area assumed tremendous importance, under the reign of Karnadev and Siddahraj, Patan attained its greatest splendour & highest prosperity. Patan was the capital of Gujarat. The popular Solanki rulers built famous monuments besides 7224 step wells & about 5125 ponds-lakes for the people ending the wrath of water shortage

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