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The town of Pelling, in the state of Sikkim, is believed to have been the first capital of the state. The Namgyal dynasty ruled over the kingdom of Sikkim between 1642 and 1975. The kingdom was established by fifth-generation descendants of Guru Tashi. Guru Tashi was a prince of House Minyak from the Kham district of Tibet. The Namgyal dynasty is often referred to as the Chogyal dynasty and the title ‘Chogyal’ - meaning 'righteous ruler' - was bestowed on Buddhist rulers who ruled over Sikkim. In the 8th century, Guru Rinpoche, the patron saint of Sikkim, prophecised that the Chogyal dynasty would rule the region. Chogyal Phuntsog Namgyal was crowned the King of Sikkim in 1642. The coronation ceremony was a grand occasion that attracted three respected lamas from the north, west, and south, who wished to bless the king. 12 different rulers of the Namgyal dynasty ruled over the lands between 1642 and 1975. In 1982, the 13th Chongyal was Wangchuk Namgyal, but although he received the title of ‘Chongyal’, he did not inherit the same authority as his forefathers.

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