Pernem Travel and Tourism Guide

The Serenely Beautiful Pernem, Goa

Pernem is one of the twelve sub-districts of Goa and is the northern part of Goa, India. The beautiful sub-districts include twenty villages and the Pernam city.  The whole area of Pernem is 47 meters higher than the rest of Goa.

Tourism in Pernem

 Beautiful as it is, Pernem has not yet become a raging tourist spot yet. There are some marvellous monuments and waterfalls in Pernam. One of the many wonders in Pernam is the The Shri Bhagwati temple. Many people make a halt at Pernem while traveling from Mumbai to Goa and discover the serene natural beauty of the place.

Historical importance of Pernem

The city of Pernem holds elements of historic beauty besides natural beauty. The Deshaprabhu house in Pernem has a museum that showcases coins from the times of king Kadama, ruins of Harappa and Mohenjo Daro, a brick from the Red Fort and much more. It is like true reflection of the historical past of India. When Goa was captured by the Indian forces from the Portuguese, Pernem became a union territory under Goa. Pernem was ruled by the Rajas of Sawantwadi.

Location of Pernem

Pernem is not essentially a remote place, railway stations, airports and highways are not at a great distance from the Pernem city. The Konkai station runs through the city of Pernem and another station named Pernem is also only at a distance of four kilometres from the city. The National Highway number 17, connecting Mumbai and Goa, passes through the city, and the International Airport named Mopa is situated in one of the sub-districts of Pernem, known as Mopa.

Local delicacies of Pernem

The authentic goan food is available in almost all the local restaurants of Pernem. They mainly use ingredients like rice, coconut milk, vegetables, regional spices, meat and pork. They use a special ingredient which is known as kokum, which is one of the key ingredients of the goan cuisine. The local goan food is a must try when visiting Pernem. The sea food delicacies are also the speciality of Pernem.

Festivities in Pernem

The Hindu festival of Dussehra is a matter of huge celebration. The whole city and the other villages of Pernem engage themselves in a five days long celebration of the triumph of good over evil.

Ideal time to visit Pernem

The natural beauty of Pernem is at its peak through all the seasons. During the winters that lasts from October to February, the weather is moderate, neither hot nor cold. So, winters are the ideal time to visit Pernem.

Tourist spots Near Pernem

The main tourist spots in Pernem are the Shri Bhagwati temple in a small town of Pernem. The temple is decorated with beautiful architecture and models. The Deshaprabhu House is another wonderful place to visit; its museum holds much of India’s historical heritage. The St, Joseph Church is also another spot of attraction, it was built in 1852.

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