Ponda Travel and Tourism Guide

Ponda, The City Of Temples

Ponda, a municipal council of the South Goa district, is a small but beautiful location. To the locals, Ponda is also called Fonda. Ponda is also, Goa’s one of the fastest growing cities with the rapid establishment of industries and factories. Ponda also has the name of ‘Antruz Mahal’ because it is the abode of many temples and worship houses.

Tourism in Ponda

Ponda has beautiful scenic landscapes and beaches. The city is filled with ancient temples and places of historical importance. The wonderful butterfly conservatory that is present in the city is also a noteworthy tourist spot.

The Ancient History Of Ponda

Ponda was ruled by the Vijayanagara Empire and the Bijapur Sultanate and was never really seized by the Portuguese. Because it was never ruled by the Portuguese, Ponda was a safe abode for the Hindus, who fled from the torturous treatment of the Jesuits and the Portuguese. Ponda was later annexed by Chhatrapati Shivaji from the Bijapur sultanate, and was then a part of the Marathi empire. Ponda was finally taken up by the Portuguese in the year 1791 and was then a part of the village known as Kavale.

Transportation And Location

Ponda is a part of central Goa, it is 28 km from Panji, the capital of Goa, and 17km in the north east direction from Margao, the district capital. The Margao railway station and Dabolim International Airport are at a close proximity from the city of Ponda. There are several bus terminals in Ponda from where buses leave regularly for almost all the key places in Goa. The National Highway running through Ponda, connects it to Vasco.

The Sumptuous Local Dishes

When visiting Ponda, one of the must try is the authentic local goan cuisine. The wide variety of spices, vegetables and seafood satisfies your gastronomical cravings and leaves your taste buds asking for more. The ingredients used to prepare these delicacies include fresh veggies, coconut milk, regional spices, meat, pork, saltwater fish, and prawn and so on. One of the major ingredient of goan food is kokum. To taste the authentic food of the local people of the coast, one must try the cuisine of Goa.

Festivities and Celebrations

The major festival in Ponda is the Shigmo festival. The festival is celebrated by singing local songs and performing folk dances. The streets of Ponda gets filled with parades during this time of the year. People dressed up in traditional wear join these street parades, the sound of drumrolls and conch shells fill the air. The Shigmo festival is one of the most merry-making times in the city of Ponda.

Best Time To Visit Ponda

Being a coastal area, the climate is moderate in Ponda throughout the year. But the pleasant winter in Goa is worth a visit. Hence, October-February is the ideal time to visit Ponda.

City Of Temples And Beaches

The city of Ponda is full of Hindu temples and worship houses. The architecture and designs of these buildings are remarkable. There are vast stretches of sand beaches in Ponda and the broken bridge of Borim is also a spot of tourist interest. There are some beautiful beaches that are present in close proximity to the city as well.

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