Quepem Travel and Tourism Guide

The Hidden Beauty Of Quepem Is Calling You

Goa, as we all know, is the party capital of India. It is the most exciting tourist destination around the country. It is one of the most beautifully diverse places one can visit. Besides the breathtakingly beautiful beaches, Goa has some of the most iconic scenic beauty that will leave anyone awestruck. Besides the natural beauty, Goa is an amazing amalgamation of different religions and their associated cultures that beautifully blend into the customs of Indian tradition. Goa is a paradise and almost acts as a magnet for the serene hedonists out there. The unending stretches of unspoiled sand and an international flair for parties and merriment are one hell of an experience you would not want to miss out on.

History of Quepem

Quepem is a small village in the south of Goa. It is one of those lesser known places in Goa that got lost among all the hype and hoopla about the beaches. Nevertheless, it is one of the fantastic places to visit in the state, a place that is rich in both culture and history. The village was established by the dean of the then church, Deao Jose Paulo. He moved into the village a few years after the Portuguese took over the administrative control of the state. He sponsored much of the amenities of the village along with the much-celebrated Santa Cruz Church.

Location of Quepem

Quepem is a municipal council in the district of South Goa. It is located right on the banks of one of Goa’s most holy rivers, River Kushavati. It is a river that is said to possess mystical abilities to cure any bodily ailments.

Fairs And Festivals In Quepem

Quepem celebrates most of all the festivals that are celebrated all over Goa, both Hindu and Christian celebrations but has a separate celebration of its own. it holds zatras of its own which are basically grand feasts held across the town. The zatra is of Shri Shantadurga where there is a grand procession where the deity is taken out of the temple. It is a much-acclaimed celebration in the land and people come to witness it from places far and wide.

Best Time To Visit Quepem

The best time to visit Quepem is during the winter months of November to February. It is usually when Goa's biggest party - Sunburn is hosted along with the grand celebrations of new year and Christmas. It also saves you from the perilous rains that hit Goa during the rainy season and also prevent you from the exhausting summer heat.

Tourist Attractions Near Quepem

Owing to its rich history, Quepem has a lot of architectural beauty at its disposition. It is the home to the Shri Chandranath Temple and the Shri Damodar Temple. It had the Chandranath hills that are often referred to a trekker’s dream stretch satisfying even the adventure junkie in you. It also is the home to two of Goa’s beautiful beaches, the Canaguinim beach, and the Betul beach, the untouched beauty of which will leave you mesmerized.  

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