Ratlam Travel and Tourism Guide

Ratlam is a historical destination, originally called Ratnapuri, in the Malwa region of Madhya Pradesh . The place is bounded in the west by Chittaurgarh district in Rajasthan state. Ratlam district was shaped in the year of 1948 just after India's independence. The city is popular for its historical and ancient religious monuments.

A part of its historical background tells us that this place was famous for the production and trade of opium and tobacco. The place is now very famous for production of Chemicals, Copper wires, Perfumes & pottery and textile. You can get all this information from Ratlam travel guide.

Ratlam literally translates to ‘City of Precious Jewels’. Ratlam is very well known for Gold, Ratlami Sev and the Ratlami Sari. The railway station of Ratlam is a major junction of the Indian Railways. There are four major railway tracks passing through Ratlam City, leading to Mumbai, Delhi, Ajmer and khandwa .Ratlam station is believed to be one of the busiest railway stations inIndia.

Ratlam was given to Ratan Singh Rathore as a gift by Shah Jahan. Shah Jahan loved watching elephant fights and therefore held an event, choosing his favourite war elephants and inviting all the clans of Rajputana (present-day Rajasthan) to watch. From the Rathore clan, Ratan Singh was chosen. At the beginning of the festival, one of the elephants (Keharkope) went berserk and headed towards Shah Jahan. No one in the crowd was brave enough to move to protect him.

Everyone feared for their own lives and fled except Ratan Singh, who swiftly mounted the elephant. With his katar, Singh stabbed the elephant in its head and killed it. Shah Jahan saw this and was so impressed by his bravery that he gave him the entire state of Ratlam, proclaiming him as the king.

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