Rourkela Travel and Tourism Guide

The name ‘Rourkela’ translates to mean ‘Our Village’ in the tribal language Sadri. Ved Vyas Dham situated on the bank of river Brahmani is believed to be the holy place where Maha Rishi Vyas composed the Hindu epic Mahabharata. After the independence of India in 1947, the government got proactive about industrialisation as they were of the view that a few established industries could easily provide the financial support that the country needed then. After lots of research and debate, Rourkela was identified as the perfect place owing to being rich in iron ore, and therefore a steel plant in the city was set up in 1955 leading to the urbanisation of the area. People from all over the country began to migrate to Rourkela in search of jobs thus resulting in a varied mix of cultures. Rourkela has grown to be one of the major cities in Odisha supporting a large share of the state’s economy.

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