Sanguem Travel and Tourism Guide

All You Need To Know about Sanguem

It is already a well known fact that Indian tourism serves as one of the major and most popular tourisms around the world. India has everything-starting from mountains, deserts, plains and beaches. Thus goa tourism is one place within the vast Indian tourism circle which is both a party station and a cultural centre known mainly for its beaches and places of worship. Lying on the western coast of India, goa has mainly three distinct seasons, namely, summer, monsoon and winter where summer and the showers attract people from the rest of the country and the winters invite people from around the world, and especially Europe.Sanguem is one such place in goa which is a lot popular among tourists and foreigners

History of Sanguem

Sanguem in goa is a tourist spot which nurtures goa’s history and it is also nourishes the religious base existing all through goa. It is a beautiful place filled with the memories and mysteries of India’s mesmerizing past, which the travellers unravel when they visit the Usgalimal rock carvings, Fernandes house, Church of our lady of compassion, Rivona fort ,Palacio Do Deao,Rivona Buddhist caves and many more. A compact place packed with heritage sites which will mesmerize the tourists no matter from where they belong to.

Location of Sanguem

Sanguem is a city as well as a municipal council located in the south Goa district in the Indian state of goa, the notable landmarks being Sagameshwar temple, Bhagwan mahaveer sanctuary, Mollem national park and also Salaulim dam. The exact geographical markings of the state are 15.23 degree North and 74.17 degree East. It has an average elevation of 22metres or 72 feet.

Fairs And Festivals in Sanguem

Even though there are a number of festivities prevailing in Goa, yet there is no such particularly significant fair or festival in sanguem. The more popular celebrations which are celebrated all through goa like the Chikhalkalo festival, Kunbi dance,Datta Jayanti,and goa’s Christmas are also celebrated in sanguem as a whole.

Best Time To Visit Sanguem

Ideally the best time to visit sanguem would be between the months April and June when the overall weather, temperature, and humidity would be stabilised and a perfect atmosphere is created. All attractions in sanguem, like the Tanshikar spice arm, Salaulim farm, and the Mhadei wildlife sanctuary are also best suitable to be visited mainly during the prevailing summer season and the advancing monsoon season.

Tourist Attractions Near Sanguem

As already mentioned earlier, it is quite noticeable that to a tourist, the place of sanguem has a lot to offer to. It mainly is concentrated on the more philosophical aspect of how life was in India in the prehistoric times and what a big impact the heritage and the cultural sides make on this land. The Rivona fort, Usgalimal rock carvings, Sagameshwar temple, Mollem national park, the Salaulim dam all serve as the cause of such popularity of goa’s tourism.

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