Sanquelim Travel and Tourism Guide

Tranquility at Sanquelim

Goa is the state that first comes to mind when one thinks of a relaxed vacation. With sun, wind, sand, and waves all in one scene, this state has a charm of its own. It is one of those few places that keeps you in immense wonderment no matter how many times you’ve been there. Coupled with the rich heritage, iconic past and varied cultural diversity, Goa is the perfect holiday spot for any person whether you a religious person, a person looking to have a dip in the sea waters, an adventure junkie or a shopaholic. The beauty of Goa enwraps you in such a way that it is almost impossible to let go of the place.

Location of Sanquelim

Most of Goa is only beaches and temples but there are also many underrated places in the state that include Sanquelim. Also known as Sankhali, it is a town situated in the north of Goa and is a municipal council in its own right. Belonging to the Bicholim taluka of North Goa district, it is located at an elevation of 256 feet from the mean sea level. It is one of those places that present before you how goa is without its parties and alcohol. The beauty of the place is honestly breathtaking.

Fair and Festivals in Sanquelim

Other than the Omni present natural beauty of the town, Sanquelim also attracts tourists from far and wide to witness the Tripurari Poornima Boat Festival which is celebrated very grandly. The festival signifies the win of the good over the evil and is celebrated on the fifteenth day of the first fortnight in the Hindu month of Karthik. This is an annually celebrated event that takes place on the banks of the river Valavanti.

The events which unfold before your eyes are just beautiful. It leaves you with a feeling of serenity, serendipity, and wonderment. The festival is celebrated in all grandeur. The festival commences with a procession of Lord Krishna after which lamps are floated in the Valavanti River. Once the palanquin procession of goddess Rakhumai and Lord Vithal has arrived, the symbolic killing of demon Tripurasura takes place much like we are used to in Dussehra. Hot air balloon lamps, locally known as Sarang are released into the air as a symbol of joy and the night sky dresses up in beautiful lights from the fireworks.

The highlight of the festival is the cardboard or thermocol boats that are carved by hand and floated on the river. The temple is beautifully decorated with lamps and some are left afloat on the river.

Tourist Attractions Near Sanquelim

Sanquelim is famous for its various Hindu temples around the town along with the Arvalem waterfalls and Arvalem caves nearby.

Things To Do in Sanquelim

Besides site seeing and experiencing the beautiful festivals celebrated in Sanquelim, you could go shopping in the various city centers in and around the place, visit the Dewar Islands and the Harvallem waterfalls, go for a quick dip in the Mayem Lake or take a trip to the Corjuem Fort.

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