Valpoi Travel and Tourism Guide

Valpoi’s In Its Total Grandeur Is Calling To You

In spite of the heavy colonial impact on the state, Goa has emerged as one of the most well-known tourist destinations in the country. Owing to its multi-cultural history and the influence of the Portuguese on the state, Goa is home to numerous architectural wonders most of which have a signature of foreign rule in them. It houses innumerable temples, mosques, and synagogues which attract tourists from far and wide. However, the younger generation is more drawn to the natural beauty Goa has to offer. The beautiful sun kissed beaches, undisturbed sand beds and unbelievable sunsets at the horizon and availability of cheap alcohol seems to just take the enjoyment up a notch.

History of Valpoi

Valpoi is a place where dwells the bewitching puzzle of Portuguese influenced Indian history among many other places in Goa. Owing to Valpoi’s religious foundation right from the ancient times, this village unfolds to the travelers, the experience of the Divine, by offering to them the Brahma Karmali temple, the celebrated Maruti temple, and even the presence of five mosques which meets the circle of the country’s vast religious diversity.

Location of Valpoi

Valpoi is one of the better-known places in Goa which is located in the Sattari taluka of North Goa district in the state of Goa. It is a mesmerizing place covered in dense jungles and rocky hillocks. The Western Ghats are just to the east of this place making its one of the most iconically located places in the country. The place gets its name from two words Val which mean river and Poi which means on the other side.

Fairs and Festivals in Valpoi

The biggest and the most well-known festival here is definitely the Sunburn music festival, an electronic dance music festival to be precise where it’s a typical Friday night party and people turn up to whack and zoom dance moves in their own style. Besides this, there are other well-known festivals too like the Goa carnival, Goa liberation day among many others. Other celebrations include the Feast of three kings and a grand Christmas celebration.

Best Time to Visit Valpoi

The best time to visit Valpoi is during s of November to February. It is usually when Goa's biggest party - Sunburn is hosted along with the grand celebrations of New Year and Christmas. It also saves you from the perilous rains that hit Goa during the rainy season and also prevent you from the exhausting summer heat.

Tourist Attractions Near Valpoi

Valpoi is a small village in north Goa. It is well known for its host of religious places and is one of the very few places left in the country that preserves the rich past Goa had under the regime of the Portuguese. It is an offbeat place perfect for all those who look for something different in a trip. It gives the tourists an idea about the actual village life in Goa. Besides the obvious village beauty, Valpoi has many temples like the Maruti temple and the Mahadev temple. It also hosts a famous hunting ground called Rede Ghati. The remains of the Nanus fort is also a famous tourist attraction.

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