Valsad Travel and Tourism Guide

If we peep into historical background we hall not forget entry of parsi at Sanjan port for the first time in India. Parsi community Spread throughout India from Sanjan with their famous religious place "Fire temple" at Udavada in Pardi taluka of Valsad district. There is an ancient Jain pilgrim place at Bagwada on National Highway No.8 near Udavada, where there is constant rush of pilgrims.

"Khed Satyagrah" and grass agitation launched by late Ishwarbhai Desai in Pardi taluka put it before the country and world. There is a largest industrial estate at Vapi in Pardi taluka.

There is a parnera mountain known as a fort of Chhatrapati Maharaj situated about 5-6 kms. from Valsad to Pardi of Valsad taluka big fair is held on "Aatham" during Navaratri. Thousands of Pilgrims bows down to Chandrika mataji, Kalika mataji, Hanumanji Temple, Shankar Bhagwan Temple on this mountain. Muslims also visits Dargah there.

Valsad district was discussed at national and international level as it was birth place of the Great person shri Morarji Desai, Bharat Ratna and Ex.Prime Minister of India. A part from this valsad district is famous for Valsadi Aafus mangos, world famous chemical factories at Atul, largest industrial estate at Vapi, famous Valsadi teak-wood. Valsad district is situated on south of Gujarat. There is a Arabian sea in west.

There are series of Sahyadri mountains in the east. Valsad district has population of 14,10,680 and has area of 2,947.49 sq.kms area. It has good facilities and life style is good. It is a head quarters of Railway Defense Force and has training centre. Railway administration at Valsad has important divisions like loco sheds, dispensary, area manager office and vast railway colonies there is a vast M.P.M.C. market for sales of agricultural production Manages and Chikoos.

Tithal village situated at a distance of 5 kms from Valsad is being developped as a tourist place as a well as pilgrim place. There are "Sai Baba" temple in a splendid complex, sadhana centre of jain munis "Bandhu Triputi", "Shantiniketan Complex", "Swaminarayan temple" of Akshar Purushottam Bochasanvasi, etc, which neutrally attract tourists of various fields. The reason is, Tithal has a pleasing sea-shore. There are accomodations of Hotel "Toran" of Gujarat State Tourist Corporation, guest house of Roads and Buildings department of the State Govt. Hotel Tithal. Moreover, there are many hotels in thithal for tourist to stay. There are a temple and complex of "Bhagwan Dattatreya" at village pathri on dharampur road of Valsad taluka. People of Valsad district have good faith in it also the place is rapidly emerging as a tourist centre.

Dharampur and Kaparada taluka of Valsad district are mostly tribal areas. They are in the lap of the Sahyadri mountain chain. Hill station of this district are similar to any of the hill stations in India. However, there are negligible accommodation for lodging and boarding on account of inaccessible areas however, the area has good potentiality of its development as tourist centers on account of flowing rivers and springs high mountains, dense forest and natural beauty.

There is a "District" science centre at Dharampur with modern scientific instruments exhibiting and demonstrating various rules of science, which has become the centre of attractions for science lovers not only from Valsad district but also from Maharashtra State and Dadara and Nagar Haveli union territories. Splendid temple of an idol of eight metals of Bhagwan "Bhav Bhaveshwar" constructed by Maha Mandaleshwar Vidyanandji Saraswati Maharaj and its complex is emerging as a pilgrim place at Barumal "Sahayadri Srushti Centre Constructed by Forests Department particularly under supervision of Shri P.S.Valvi, then D.F.O. of Valsad South Division is a centre of tourists attraction for the passers by going from Valsad to Nasik, where there is a treasure of innumerable herbs from natural sources. It is a wealth of trible forests. There are 2,50 types of trees and 225 types of medicinal herbs.

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