Chattisgarh Travel and Tourism Guide

There is a long historical background associated with this city. The modern city that you see today was not so beautiful as it consisted of a huge lake surrounded by marshy areas. Recently, a few fossils have been found around this area and it confirmed that it was the home for many aquatic animals as well as amphibians.

Around 8000 years ago, the area was ruled by the people of the Harrapan culture who stayed here for a long time. Chandigarh is a modern city with its first stone laid in 1952. Initially, the place came under Punjab and therefore, Lahore was its capital but then during the partition, west Punjab became the part of Pakistan while east Punjab was given to India.

Since, east Punjab did not have any capital, in 1948 the government planned to create a new city which would be the capital of both Punjab and Haryana. In this way, the foundation stone of a new city Chandigarh was laid down and an area covering 114 sq kms was declared as Chandigarh. It spread from Shivalik Ranges and known to be called as the capital city.