Kanchipuram Travel and Tourism Guide

The city of Kanchipuram  is located on the shores of the Vegavathy River. The city has seen a number of ruling dynasties and monarchies such as the Pandya, Cholas, the Vijaynagar Empire, the Carnatic kingdom and the British monarchy. Kanchipuram since medieval times has been significant as the educational center and was known as the place for learning. The city is also famous for its various temples that are built in the Dravidian style of architecture and display amazing stone carvings. Kanchipuram has been an important city and has been mentioned in texts dating back to the Maurya Period (325-185 BC) and has been constantly mentioned as a city like no other in the Dravidian Kingdom. Kanchipuram apart from its various temples is also known for its medicinal herbs, this fact has been vouched for by the ancient texts as well. One of the major products of Kanchipuram is its specialized silk  and more than 5000 families residing here are involved in silk weaving and famous for the “Kanchipuram silk Saris”. The place is rich in both natural and manmade attractions and has a distinct culture that one must experience. With its various Temples, bird Sanctuary, beaches, backwaters etc. makes the city a must visit.

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