Mokokchung Travel and Tourism Guide

The history of Mokokchung is both rich and fascinating. The history of Mokokchung reveals interesting and often charming aspects of the culture and life of the people of Mokokchung. Once you set foot in Mokokchung, you will see the traces of the historical events that happened here. Quite a few of the most visited attractions in Mokokchung have historical significance. The best way to learn about the culture and lifestyle of the people of Mokokchung is to get familiar with the enriching history of Mokokchung. Come and explore the remarkable history of Mokokchung . .History of Mokokchung - Comprehensive information about ancient Mokokchung history and historical places of Mokokchung.
Mokokchung is an ancient village belonging to Mokokchung District of the former Naga Hills of Nagaland. The word Mokokchung when literally translated means a group of people who left their motherland rather unwillingly. History has it that a group of Soyim people settled here after leaving Soyim despite the requests of other Soyim residents. Mokokchung Village is one of the largest villages of Nagaland and one of the major places where you can see the descendants and cultures of the tribe AoNaga. People who wish to explore North-east India, make plans to explore Mokokchung District. The ‘village’ is as large as a district as a whole has become a quite popular tourist attraction over the years. This old village has several clans residing who speak in a singular dialect of Mongsen. It is a part of the most culturally rich and intellectual district of Nagaland.

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