Delhi Travel and Tourism Guide

Tourism in Delhi

Delhi is one of the most visited place in India. The perfect mix of modernisation and tradition is what makes our National Capital, Delhi a must visit for everyone. Travellers often say that this is the location that is Exotic in nature.

History Of Delhi

Indians remember history of the place - Delhi, due to the British Raj, remarkable monuments, amazing foods and never the less the beauty and class of the surroundings. Well our planned vacation to Delhi has to be exciting as the place makes all remind of battles, victory, maharajas and many more. The designs carved on the walls attracted many people throughout India and also travellers from abroad did admire the beauty.  


The capital of India, Delhi is well bordered by Uttar Pradesh in the East and all the other three sides are bordered by Haryana. Delhi is envisaged with high ranged monuments and notable buildings too.

Fairs and Festivals In  Delhi

The Capital of India, each and every major festival is celebrated here. Along with the rich cultures and traditions of four states- Navaratri, Dussera, Diwali are some of the most celebrated ones. Apart from these, Phulwalon ki sayar is a traditional festival of Delhi, celebrated in the month of October.

Cuisines of Delhi

With a proper North Indian tradition, Delhi experiences a rich taste in it cuisines. The dishes are spicy and a lot of Ghee or clarified butter is used to make it oilier. Apart from the spiciness in every dish, Meat is also pretty famous over here. Besides, street food is always been in the list of every foodie when it comes to Starting from Chaat to Pav Bhaji; every single thing is a delicacy over here. Biryani and Nihari is also a must try for foodies.

Did you know?

The largest spice market of Asia is situated in Chandni Chhowk of Delhi.

Best Time to Visit Delhi

The best time to visit would be between October to March, as it remains pleasant in this time of the year.

How to Reach Delhi?

Being the capital of India, the state is very well connected with all the major cities. This is due to the fact; all prominent cities are well connected with the help of Golden Quadrilateral. Apart from these Airways and Railways is also pretty well connected.

Tourist Attractions Near Delhi

Delhi is all about traditional monuments. The list will continue and will never end. However, some of the most prominent tourist attractions include The Red Fort, Qutub Minar, The India Gate, Jama Masjid and Lotus temple.

Apart from the monuments and structures, Delhi is a good place for the shopaholics, as you can well spend some good time hopping from stall to stall in the streets of Chandni Chowk.