Delhi Tourism and Travel Guide

Delhi - a 5000 years old city. New Delhi was founded by British in 1911 and inaugurated in 1931. Ten transitions, till now, Delhi has gone through. It looks like life disposes itself of towards it. Delhi attracted various dynasties and has been the longest capital town. Its journey from Indraprastha to New Delhi has gone through various settlements and destructions. Old Delhi resides in its narrow streets called as Kuchas and Katras. Life in these streets has a blend of traditions and modernity that remains hidden in the old mansions and houses. Every wall, door and the rooftop opens to a new chapter of history and new world. New Delhi, the capital of India has a large number of marvelous examples of British Architecture. Wide roads, gardens, parks, english bungalows, Government Buildings and the eminent structures designed by Lyutens are the main features. Some of historically important tombs and forts stand still to invite you to explore them.

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