Chittorgarh Tourism and Travel Guide

Summer : Max 43 °C Min. 28.8 °C . Winters : Max 28 °C Min. 11.6 °C. Rainfall : 60 to 85 mm. Chittorgarh epitomizes Rajput spirit, valour, pride and romance. It reverberates with heroism and sacrifice the tales of which are still sung by the Bards of Rajasthan. According to the legend the construction of the fort was started by Bhim, a Pandav hero of mythological epic Mahabharata. Today, the imposing and awe inspiring fort stands on a 240-hectares site, on a 180m high hill and has a one kilometre zigzag ascent to it. Entry to the fort is through seven gates and one sees several memorials on the way are reminders of its glorious past. On the ascent between the second and the third gate, you see two ‘Chattris’ (cenotaphs) built to honour Jaimal and Kalla heroes of 1568 siege by Emperor Akbar. In 1568 Mughal Emperor Akbar conquered it and in 1616, Mughal Emperor Jehangir restored the fort to the Rajputs. Now, a new township sprawls below the hill on the west side.The fort has many magnificent monuments. Even though it is in ruins, it stands as an overwhelming reminder of its past history of triumph and tragedy and its walls resonate with the unbelievable legend of extraordinary men and women and their equally astounding deeds.

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