Jaisalmer Tourism and Travel Guide

Jaisalmer, which is also known as the Golden City since the usage of yellow silt and yellow sandstone in every style, gives pale-golden dash to the city, is situated in the Indian state of Rajasthan. Like all the cities of Rajasthan Jaisalmer also has a glorious past. Jaisalmer district is the most extensive district of Rajasthan. And in our Country, it is also the third largest district in the territorial region.  The history of this Golden City has its charm. The city was founded by one of the Bhatti Rajput Ruler, named Maharawal Jaisal Singh, approximately in 1156 AD. The name of the town was also named after him.

Jaisalmer Geo Location

The city Jaisalmer is a region of southwestern Rajasthan state in western India. It is located 357 miles west of the state capital of Rajasthan, Jaipur. Jaisalmer lies in the southern part of the Heart of Great Indian Desert, Thar Desert. It is surrounded by Jangladesh region on the North, and on the east, it is bounded by Marwar Region.

Cultures, Fair and Festivals of the Jaisalmer

 Like all the cities of Rajasthan State, Jaisalmer is also blessed with a colourful and vibrant culture that reflects the rich heritage of the bygone era. Numerous religions like Hindus, Jains, Sikhs, Christians, Muslims, all can be seen here. Desert Festival, Holi, Shiv-Ratri, Diwali, Dusshera, and Karva-Chauth, all these festivals are celebrated here with a lot of enthusiasm.

Tourist Attraction Near By Jaisalmer

Tourism is the primary industry in Jaisalmer. The main tourist attraction of Jaisalmer is Jaisalmer Fort which is controlling the horizon of tourism here. The fort is a World Heritage Site. It is an excellent hilltop fortress strengthened by 99 mainstays. Behind the massive wall of Jaisalmer Fort, there is the lavish Maharaja’s fortress and intricately carved Jain temples. Beside the Jaisalmer Fort, there are so many attractions for the visitors. Some famous tourist attractions are:

•    Bada Bagh

•    The Thar Heritage Museum

•    Vyas Chhatri

•    Maharaja’s palace

•    Salim Singh ki Haveli

•    Desert Culture Centre and Museum

•    Patwaon ki Haveli

•    Jaisalmer War Museum

•    Folklore Museum

•    Sam Sand Dunes

•    Khuri Dunes

•    Gadisar Lake etc.

When anyone is on the trip, it is imperative to get a hotel in the reasonable rate for the staying. So, some name of the right hotels in Jaisalmer is listed below:

•    Hotel Golden City

•    The Golden house Jaisalmer

•    Hotel Royal Haveli

•    The Gulal

•    Hotel Victoria

•    Rana Villa

•    Hotel Rawalkot

•    Pithla Haveli

•    BRY S Fort Jaisalmer

•    Registhan Guest House

•    The Chirag Desert Camp

•    Club Mahindra Jaisalmer etc.

The Golden City, Jaisalmer has so much to offer, concerning architecture, culture, music, etc., for the people all around the world that they come here to enjoy the wonderland.

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